SKS Yugo Gas Tube with Handguard

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This New Generation Yugo SKS Gas tube was created to eliminate the inconvenience caused by the pins and clips associated with the wooden handguards.

The steel tube has been designed to be stronger than the original, with a black 33% fiber glass filled Nylon hand guard to match the replacement stocks.

Note the hand guard now has several new improvements, it's stronger, attractive ribs help prevent slipping and enhance the cooling.

Designed for compatibility with T6 stocks. This replacement SKS gas tube with handguard is proudly 100% U.S. made and simple to install. The steel tube has been totally redesigned to be stronger than the original and sure to improve your gas system. Will not fit Norinco. Will fit Yugo and Albanian.

If your has tube has a bump on the end (see right side of picture), then this is the correct one for you.
Complete with a Picatinny railed composite handguard, no retaining clip or pin are required. Instead, the handguard is securely held in place by two steel roll pins.

    • Black composite handguard
    • Steel tube
    • Matches aftermarket stocks
    • Designed specifically for the Yugo
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Lifetime warranty
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