Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock for Winchester 70 Short Action

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Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock for Winchester 70 Short Action

We predict that the Choate Ultimate Sniper stock will be a benchmark for sniper rifle stocks in the near future. It has features that the hand laid fiberglass/Kevlar stock makers cannot incorporate into their stocks. What Choate has done is eliminate most of the expensive hand labor and passed the savings onto you.
Here at CombatStocks, we work hard to keep the price down, so most rifle owners can afford this stock. You see, Choate realized the only way for this stock to sell enough to pay off the expensive tooling cost was to get the price of the Choate Ultimate Sniper Stocks low enough so the average guy could buy one. There aren't enough real snipers,military and police to support this project even if every one of them bought this stock. Most shooters know what free floating the barrel and a bedding block does for a rifle. It closes the group to about half its normal size.
The Ulitimate Sniper's tri rail allows many accessories to be placed on your rifle. Choate furnishes this stock with a solid steel bar with a detachable sling swivel stud installed. This is for mounting of a Harris bipod. Many other accessories may be mounted on this bar. The tribar has a quick detach thumb screw. Some snipers will want two bipods mounted,short for prone and tall for sitting position. Additional tribars are available at a nominal cost. Also any accessory that fits a Anshutz rifle will also fit this rail.

Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock

The grip cap covers a storage area in the stock. For some snipers, the weight of the rifle is not a factor and in some cases, extra weight it wanted. If you need more weight to your stock, you may pour the cord out area full of lead shot and scre the cap back on. It is also possible to put a basic (pull through) cleaning kit in this area. We also noticed that eight 30-06 rounds will go into the grip for an emergency ammo supply. This area is flat to stabilize the rifle when shooting from rest. It is 1 and 1/2 inches wide and heavily serrated. The elevation fine adjusting knob can be removed, leaving a 3/8 inch threaded hole and stock totally flat on the bottom.

The forend is 2-3/8 inches wide to also assist in holding the rifle in a stable shooting position. The length of pull can be adjusted from 13-1/4 inches out. The stock comes with one inch adjuster spacer. Additional spacers are available at a nominal cost. They come in 3 different widths. You will also get a set of longer screws when ordering additional spacers. (Note: We designed the stock, starting short, to fit the law enforcement snipers that must wear thick body armor.)

The stock is furnished with two cheek pieces. The standard height is for low scope rings. The tall cheek piece is for the big lens scopes that require the tall rings.

The position of the cheek piece is adjustable. There are three front and back positions to accommodate all shooters. Also the cheek piece can be turned around for the left hand shooters.

The bedding block is a most important part of the stock. The receiver of the rifle only touches the stock/bedding block in four places, both sides in front and back. The pillar blocks allow 40 to 50 inch lbs. on the receiver screws which is not possible with wood or most synthetic stocks. The CNC machined bedding block is molded inside the stock, not fiberglassed in after the stock is made. The barrel channel is large enough to free float a 1 and 1/2 inch diameter bull barrel.

The four slots are for attaching of camo material. Most sniper experts agree that is adversely effects accuracy to attach camo material to a barrel and there are accommodations on most stocks for camo material. We haven't done any testing, but common sense would tell you that the slots would also help dissipate barrel heat. These side mounted sling swivel studs go through a cored hole in the stock. In front rest shooting, the conventional bottom mounted sling studs get in the way and are usually removed. Major Plaster explained to us during the design phase of this stock that a sniper crawling on his belly carries his rifle on the top of his upper arm and/or across his back while holding the sling in his hand.

A side mounted sling is perfect for this application.
The stippling in the grip areas is unusually aggressive and rough to the touch. Major Plaster wanted it this way. Some shooters wear gloves and the rough texture is needed. If you want a smoother grip surface, sand the area until the desired feel is found. The stock is about 1 inch thick in this area, so don't worry about sanding the texture down. Also please notice that the front grip is narrowed. It is this narrowed size to accommodate one hand carry of the rifle. Major Plaster complained that most sniper/tactical stocks are very fat in this area and very difficult to carry one handed (suit case style) at the balancing point. Choate fixed the problem.

This section of the forearm had a pronounced angle for two reasons. When the bipod is folded up it doesn't leave a 2 inch gap between it and the barrel. The bipod feet are very near the barrel and will catch fewer limbs and twigs when crawling prone. The second reason for the angle is for quick elevation adjustment of the barrel when the forend is resting on a support. When you push the stock forward, the barrel goes up. When you pull the stock back, the barrel elevation is lowered. This is so simple that no one seems to have thought of it before or didn't think it was important enough to include on a stock.

This flat surface, parallel to the barrel, is for the shooters that have/use sandbags, we are told that real nippers wait and watch much more than shoot. It is helpful if the rifle doesn't fall overevery time you take your hand off the rifle. This area has heavy 1/8 inch serrations as the bottom of the butt area. This off hand holding notch has been on machine guns since World War II. The advantage of this feature in a sniper stock is that you can hold your butt stock on your shoulder with your off hand. This allows the trigger hand to relax and concentrate only on the trigger pull. This off hand hold has been proven to be beneficial over the years. It is a feature that the expensive, labor intensive, hand laid fiberglass stock makers find very difficult to incorporate into their design.

There is a fine adjustment screw for elevation. The bench rest shooters and prairie dog hunters will really like this feature. Consider this, a one degree turn on the elevation screw will raise or lower the stock only 0.00017 of an inch. This is truly fine adjusting. This screw can be removed with ease when not needed. It is very easy to adjust with the thumb and index finger on either side of the stock. We have found, in the prototype stage of design, that the coarse adjustments can be made with the bipod legs and spot-on adjustment done with the screw. The rubber recoil pad has five height settings possible.The center settings line up with the stock and there are two 1/2 inch positions up and two down. One of these five positions will surely meet your needs.

The bipod bar is made from solid steel and is 3 inches long. There are many different uses and applications for this accessory other than a bipod. If you have a need for a special accessory, your local gunsmith won't have any trouble duplicating the dimensions.

There are some points of interest not mentioned above that we will mention here. The ULTIMATE SNIPER stock has Choate's usual LIFETIME WARRANTY. The stock is made of DuPont Rynite SST-35. It is one of the most expensive polymers and the most suitable for a gunstock if weight is not a consideration. We mold the stock in dark O.D green color. Rynite takes paint very well, so you can paint your stock with almost any automotive spray can paint. The rubber recoil pad is a little on the stiff side because it is much more durable at this durometer rating than a cushy pad with a half inch compression, which can allow a shooter to get a scope eye piece hit in the eyebrow. Hell you could lose your scope's zero on a deal like that.

Here are some dimensions that might help you identify your receiver length. These are the distances between the two receiver screws: Winchester short action 7.031/ long action 7.570


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