Choate Tactical Stock for Remingtom Long Action Rifles - BDL only

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Choate Tactical Stock for Remington Long Action Rifles - BDL only

FOR BDL version ONLY (hinged floorplate)

CNC machined aluminum bedding block molded into the stock.

Color: Black


  • This stock has sling swivel studs on both sides.
  • Weight is 3 lbs 11 ounces.
  • Has 10.5 inch long slot for Harris bipod adapter under the forend.
  • Fits Remington Long Action BDL rifles.
  • Uses the original 2 screws for mounting.
  • Short Bipod adapter is included.
  • Will not fit detachable mag rifles.

    Here are some dimensions that might help you identify your receiver length
  • These are the distances between the two receiver screws:
    Remington short action 6.500 / long action 7.350, Black