Choate Recoil Compensator for MINI 14

 Requires 2 1/2 inches of free barrel length.

  • Made of solid Steel.
  • Replaces the front sight.
  • Permanently attaches to the barrel with a 1/8 dia spring steel roll pin.
  • 2 roll pins supplied (one is extra).
  • Best if installed by a gunsmith.

1 - The front sight must be removed by driving out the roll pin and then driving the sight off of the barrel with a brass or copper punch while placing it on a hardwood surface. The sight band can be removed by filing or grinding it in two. This will allow the sight to fall off.

2 - Put the compensator on the barrel and tighten the set screw (shown on bottom of unit)after aligning the sight properly. The alignment must be verified before the next step.

3 - Drill the roll pin hole using one drill size under 1/8, then finish to size with a 1/8 drill. (this process will prevent oversize roll pin hole). There is a predrilled starter hole on the underside of the unit which makes it almost impossible to get the roll pin mis-located.

4 - Since the rifle must be squared up with a level for alignment and the drilled hole must be straight through, we recommend yout local gunsmith for this job.
OD = .666, ID = .562 at the barrel end.

Choate Part Number 070712

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