Choate Mini-14 Stainless folding Stock


Choate has re-introduced its line of folding stocks. They are lightweight and very compact. Great for hiking, backpacking, guiding, riding in a car, or for storage in your home. When folded, they cut 12 inches off the total length of your rifle.

They are made with quick opening housings. The folding stock is very rigid to insure a stable shooting platform for your rifle.The housing and arms are cast out of high quality steel then machined in our factory. The cast arms are then molded with nylon polymer and fitted with a recoil absorbing rubber butt pad. These stocks are hand assembled and quality checked to be straight in the open position and to lock up in the open position.

The springs housings, arms, and stocks are 100% made and assembled in the US and carry the Choate lifetime guarantee.