Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffer for S&W Centerfire Pistols

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The Smith and Wesson Recoil Buffer eliminates the metal to metal impact of the slide and frame. This unique buffer fits over the recoil spring and guide when the pistol is reassembled and is set in place against the frame the first time the action is cycled. Installation of the Smith and Wesson Recoil Buffer will result in reduced felt recoil, enhanced muzzle control and a longer service life.

The Smith and Wesson Recoil Buffer will fit all center fire models of the third generation guns. This product will not work in the Sigma line of pistols.

Those who install Recoil Buffers into their automatic firearms will not only be protecting their investments by prolonging their service life, but they will also find that the recoil is reduced and muzzle stability is increased.

Recoil Buffers can do this for any gun! They work so well that many people believe they should be installed in all guns by their manufacturers. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. So, until that time comes, make sure your weapon functions as well as it possibly can!