Buffer Technologies AR-15 recoil buffer

The AR-15 Recoil Buffer will reduce recoil impulse and prolong the service life of your firearm. This is accomplished by stopping the bolt from directly contacting the receiver.

This abrupt transfer of energy can affect zero on scoped rifles. The AR-15 Recoil Buffer is manufactured from an advanced polymer that will decelerate the bolt more gradually, reducing the felt recoil and allowing for quicker set-up for the next shot.

Installation is a breeze; drill, screwdriver, and push pin are required for assembly.

With all the custom parts available for your AR-15, you can very quickly invest hundreds of dollars in it. Without a working receiver, all those custom parts are just so many pieces. So why not give your receiver the highest degree of protection available, the AR-15 Recoil Buffer

The AR buffer is a replacement for an existing part. If your existing buffer has hardened with age, is cracked or damaged in any way, then this item is for you. Contact with cleaning solvents or oil can, over time, discolor and harden the buffer material requiring replacement.

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