ATI Shotshell Holder

ATI Shotgun Shotshell Holder

One of 11 components in the Interchangeable Shotgun System. Comes with screws to mount on the existing holes in the ATI Universal Top Folding Shotgun Stock. Durable, elastomeric polymer 5-shell carrier will also mount securely with screws on either side of any full length wood or polymer stock.

Quick and easy access to extra 12 GA rounds.

Fits any 12 GA Shotgun Buttstock.

Does not include shotgun shells. Patent Pending.

See how the interchangeable shotgun system parts work together:

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Shotgun Buttstock Pistol Grip Combination
Shotgun Standard Tactical Forend
Shotgun Heatshield
Shotgun Shotshell Holder
Shotgun Rear Pistol Grip
Shotgun Barrel Magazine Clamp

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