ATI 12 Gauge Standard Tactical Forend

ATI 12 Gauge Standard Tactical Forend

One of 11 components in the Interchangeable Shotgun System. No jamming! Designed NOT to overlap the shotgun's receiver when cycling the pump action.

Eliminates the chance of a momentary jam by a sling, clothing or other material catching between the standard forend and the receiver.

Features recessed, pebble-grain, textured area which reduces the chance of hand sliding from grip. Six inches long.

Will NOT fit Maverick. Will not fit current production MOSSBERG 500A.

Will fit Mossberg 500.åÊWill not fit Mossberg 500A

Made of black, glass-filled nylon, making it virtually non-destructible.

Will fit 20 Ga Mossberg and Remington but you must make modifications. Click here to see shotguns that will work with this item.

Click here to see other items that are part of the tactical shotgun system.

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