SKS Tapco T6 Adjustable Stock

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SKS Tapco T6 Adjustable Stock

It's been over 10 years since anything this exciting was available for your SKS! Now your SKS can have all the comfort and convenience of a modern firearm.

Are you tired of stocks that leave you no options? Are you fed up with stocks that assume everyone's arms are the same length? If so...then this is the stock for you.

Handguard with built-in Picatinny/Weaver rail that does not interfere with the use of the iron sights.

  • Military Grade Composite
  • Contains 3 Compliance Parts (T6 Stock, SAW style Pistol Grip and Handguard)
  • Fully Adjustable To Six Positions
  • S.A.W. Style Grip with Storage System
  • Easy To Install
  • Works On All SKS Models in addition to the Model D with slight modification to the mag well
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Length of pull from each stock position:

1. 14.75"
2. 14"
3. 13.25"
4. 12.5"
5. 11.5"
6. 10.75"

Will not fit Norinco with AK-47 Clips.
Will not fit Albanian SKS.

Does not include receiver cover scope mount shown in picture.